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Entrepreneurship Class Launches a new Product
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Sunday, April 02, 2017
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Walker Valley High School has always focused on providing its students with the best education, food, experience, safety, and all around best staff. It’s no secret that Walker Valley strives to make the school and the community around it a better place. They always have something to offer, whether it is to the students, staff, or community. Now they have even more to offer. Walker Valley High School has an Entrepreneurship Honors class which focuses on the ins and outs of business and how a successful business functions properly. They have worked tirelessly trying to help bring more life and spirit to the school. The Entrepreneurship class had the idea to focus on giving the students a chance to show off their Walker Valley Mustang pride and spirit, simply by coming up with the idea to start selling school apparel. The class decided they would need some extra help in doing so. The class partnered with the Junior Achievement program to help expand their knowledge about how to successfully run a business. After a few weeks of brainstorming the students came up with a full plan of what they wanted to sell and how they were going to do it. They came up with a small company name called “M3” also known as the “Mustang Money Makers”. They are starting out by selling Dry-Fit long and short sleeve shirts as seen in the picture on the right. They are now available for purchase for the school and community so they could also help support Walker Valley. All of the proceeds gathered from the shirts will go towards future school merchandise and a school store that they plan on opening by next year! The future is looking even brighter for this young group of individuals

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