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WV Computer Apps Classes Getting Worldwide Attention
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Monday, January 30, 2017
CCI Learning features WV Students
CCI Learning features WV Students

Computer Application classes at Walker Valley are being recognized worldwide for their success in attaining Microsoft Office Specialist certifications through the use of a new program Jasperactive.  Jasperactive is the world's first kinesthetic Microsoft Office learning and validation system mapped to the Microsoft Office Specialist Global Standard.  This courseware comes to life through a complete hand-on interactive learning experience.  The course teaches Microsoft Office Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Access in Core and Expert levels. 

The program features a five-step Prescriptive Learning Pathway.  Students begin with a Benchmark Test determining their skill levels and builds a prescribed course plan using only the lessons the students need.  Students move to the practice mode and repeat the practice exercises multiple times to perfect skills.  The course concludes with a Create project-based exercise to combine skills and creativity which leads students to the Validate level where actual testing in Microsoft Office Specialist exams begins.    During the first semester, 68 of 72 students earned a certification, and a total of 118 certification exams were passed.  The success of the student's certification resulted in 48 students receiving dual credit at Cleveland State or other local technical colleges.  Jasperactive and CCI Learning have recently featured Walker Valley classes on their website, promoting their success with Jasperactive and industry certification.  This has led to inquiries from other states and countries desiring information abput Walker Valley's success with the program.  Recently, a school in Viet Nam saw the article and contacted Walker Valley to learn more information about Jasperactive. 

Walker Valley was the first high school in Tennessee to start using Jasperactive.  As of now only one other system in the state has switched to the training program and that is in Shelby County. 

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