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Drama Club

The Walker Valley Drama Club is open to all students who are interested in theater arts.  We want actors, set designers, lighting specialists, directors, and stage hands.  We have places for everyone! 

Our goal is to present a play each fall and spring.  Last year we only performed one play, Dracula, because, working with the media classes, we started filming a movie in the spring.  Tornadoes cut short our plans, but we are already working on selecting a movie script for this year.  We are planning to hold a Festival of One-Act plays in the fall.

We plan to take a field trip each year to see a Broadway-quality play.  This year we will see Wicked in either Atlanta or Nashville.

 We hope any student who has any interest in drama will join the club. We meet in CL3 (MRs. Wright's room) every Monday during lunch. Dues are $10.00 for new members and $5.00 for veterans.

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