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ACT Resources
ACT Companion Tutor
You are required to sign up but it is free. They will send you emails with helpful hints and test-taking strategies. Or new words to learn. Or questions suited to your ability level and even suggest which sections you should look at next.

ACT Practice Exam
Online practice from

Official Practice ACT
The official practice test of the ACT.

ACT Question of the Day
Daily random ACT questions

Go College
Full version of practice test that are free!

Offers free on-line practice test for free (free registration required)

Reading Passages
Read the passage and answer the questions.

ACT/ SAT Math reasoning

A website to help improve math reasoning.

Test Prep Review
A free service of a group of educators. This web site was created to provide free practice test questions for students in a variety of career situations. The site contains a modular approach to learning the content on these exams.

Word of the Day
Gives you a vocabulary word each day.

Vocabulary Practice
Select the definition of the vocabulary words.

Vocabulary Practice
Given the definition, select the correct word.

Learning Express Library

The Tennessee Electronic Library that offers among many things practice test for the ACT.

I4C Free ACT Prep Course

Free ACT prep course!


A free 40 hour course to help improve ACT scores.

Career Resources
Careers - Best Colleges

This link will connect students to a list of possible careers based upon their choice of major at the post-secondary level.  Students who explore the various majors will find primary career paths and post-secondary universities and colleges that can facilitate the students' plans.  Information concerning income levels is also available.

College Raptor - College Selection Resource
College Raptor

College Raptor is a search engine that can help match students with a college or university based on GPA,major, location, test scores, culture, etc.  It can also offer guidance concerning grants and scholarships.

2018 Exit Survey
Class of 2018 Survey

Career Information
TN Career Information Delivery Service
The State of Tennessee's Career Delivery Information Service. This site has many useful tools designed to aid in career development. Some of the tools include: Interest Inventory, Career Database search and School Match.

College for TN
This is a useful site for students and parents. It have several tools that not only aid in the college application process, but it also assist in matching careers with interest.

ACT Career Center

The official ACT site that can used in conjuction with ACT scores.

US Dept of Labor Occupational Handbook
Information on various careers and their earning potential.

Virtual Career Center

This website is designed for all Tennesseans. It includes information for individuals from middle school age to working adults. Whether you are interested in writing or rewriting your resume; preparing for an interview; and/or looking for an occupation that matches your interests, skills, and experience, this website provides a wealth of information to achieve your career and educational goals.

TN Department of Labor Job Search
Use this link to search for available jobs in Tennessee.

Checklist for Students
Planning for College checklist

College Help
Path2College 529 Plan

Path2College Plan for Tennessee Residents

A competitive and compelling opportunity for Tennessee families to save for their higher education expenses with the Path2College 529 Plan.

"Saving for college is very important. We are pleased to partner with Georgia to promote the Path2College 529 Plan that provides Tennesseans with a low-cost means to save to cover the expense of higher education."

- David Lillard, State of Tennessee Treasurer and Chair of the BEST Board of Trustees

When was the last time you thought, "This investment makes sense?"

That's the idea behind the Path2College 529 Plan. It was designed to give parents, relatives or anyone the ability to save money and give a child a college education - and the possibility of a better life.

You can make regular contributions as large or as small as $25 as often as you can. You can choose from one or a combination of seven investment options that can be matched to meet your savings objectives.

You invest your money, and use your money, federal income tax-free.

That's right, tax-free. Contributions, and any earnings in your Path2College 529 Plan, grow free from federal income taxes.

Then, when you're ready to use your savings for qualified expenses like tuition, fees, books and even certain room and board costs, that money is also federal income tax-free.


Financial Aid
This is the website you need to visit in order to register a pin number for the FAFSA.

The official FAFSA website
This is the website in which you will need to complete the FAFSA.

Free help in completing the FAFSA
This is a great website for getting FREE help with the FAFSA.

Official Guide to Financial Aid Handbook

Completing the FAFSA
A PDF on completing the FAFSA.

Student Loan Forgiveness for Teachers

FAFSA Worksheet

SAT Resources
Go College
A full practice SAT exam is provided for registered users (registration is free).

Designed by certified teachers and expert SAT tutors, lessons and explanations will teach you how to effectively answer every SAT question "There are practice questions that appeal to interests of an average teenager like sports and music. The lessons are written in a conversational tone so that reading them is bearable. The cool tools of the program include customized practice sessions so you can get a specific set of practice questions that focus on your time needs or skill weaknesses. Also each practice session provides you with a summary of performance and a projected SAT score at its conclusion."

A series of free SAT questions

My SAT Practice
practice questions in critical reading, mathematics and writing, vocabulary practice, and test taking strategy tips

Official SAT Practice Test
from the College Board web site - Sign in or register to access your free practice test. (registration is free)

SAT Online
Online practice quizes

SAT Practice Exam
Online practice exam from

Governor's School
TN Governor's School

Governor's Schools

The State of Tennessee provides twelve summer programs for gifted and talented high school students. These programs provide challenging and intensive learning experiences in these disciplines: Arts, Humanities, International Studies, Engineering, Science, Prospective Teachers, Scientific Exploration of Tennessee Heritage, Information Technology Leadership,and Agricultural Science.

Governor's School


Agricultural Sciences   UT Martin
Arts   MTSU
Computational Physics   Austin Peay State University
Emerging Technologies   TN Technological University - Cookeville
Engineering   UT Knoxville
Humanities   UT Martin
Information Technology Leadership   TN Technological University - Cookeville
International Studies   University of Memphis
Prospective Teachers   UT Chattanooga
Sciences   UT Knoxville
Scientific Exploration of Tennessee Heritage   East Tennessee State University
Scientific Models and Data Analysis   East Tennessee State University

NCAA Clearinghouse
NCAA Clearinghouse

This is the official website for student athletes to register with the NCAA Clearinghouse.


Local Scholarships'Guidance'&Page='Calendar'

Scholarship Experts
A free scholarship search engine that has great reviews by Forbes magazine.

Free website offering scholarship search.



A free rescource from Discover to help seniors with scholarships and FAFSA.

Fast Web

Wired Scholar

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