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Mrs. Akiona, Mr. Akiona, Brandon and Ashlynn at
Mrs. Akiona, Mr. Akiona, Brandon and Ashlynn at
Mr.  Nathaniel  K.  Akiona

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Getting to know Mr. Akiona (Ah-key-O-nu)

Mr. Akiona is beginning his second year as principal of Walker Valley High School.  Prior to that, he was the principal at North Lee Elementary for 8 years and an assistant principal at Walker Valley high school for two years.  He also taught at Walker Valley (English - grades 9, 10 and 11 as well as Theater Arts) for several years and before that at Bradley Junior High School.  He has been in education for the past 21 years and has wanted to be a School Principal since he was in 6th grade at Highland Elementary School in West Monroe, Louisiana.  Mr. Akiona is the husband of Sandy Akiona (a guidance counselor at Walker Valley High School) and the father of Brandon (WVHS student) and Ashlynn (OMS student). 

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